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Take a look at the media partners who have decided to support this year's Longevity Therapeutics Summit. Get in touch if you would like to partner and connect with professionals in the longevity therapeutics and anti-aging fields.

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Longevity International

Deep Knowledge Ventures Ltd

Longevity Industry 2022 Journal is designed to serve as the first dedicated industry journal for the exponentially expanding Global Longevity Industry, and the first in a series of journals updated and released every financial quarter.

The Journal presents up-to-date summaries, investment and sector-specific digests, key market trends and near-future forecasts of the full scope of Longevity Industry developments as of Q1 2022, compressed into quickly understandable summaries and chapters in order to distil only the most important take-aways required for investors, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and practitioners, policy makers, financial executives and other Longevity Industry professionals to optimise their decision making, effectively plan their near-future strategic agendas for 2022 and beyond, and obtain tangible and reliable state-of-the-market intelligence and digests on the continued, multifaceted evolution of the global megatrend of Longevity Industrialization.

Lifespan / Life Extension Advocacy Foundation

We are a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City, and we rely upon an international team of journalists, content creators, and other industry experts who are focused on supporting aging research, particularly the field of rejuvenation biotechnology, or geroscience. Our goal is to help build and support an industry that will end age-related diseases.


Pharma Journalist

Pharma Journalist provides the latest news, articles, whitepapers, press releases, case studies, interviews, projects, events to pharma industry decision-makers.