Day Two

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Take a look at what topics and speakers were part of the 4th Longevity Therapeutics Summit.

8:00 am
Morning Coffee

8:50 am
Chair’s Opening Remarks

Smart Investments: How to Invest in Longevity

9:00 am Human Aging & Longevity: The Immune System Takes the Lead

  • David Furman Associate Professor Proteomics and Aging , Buck Artificial Intelligence Platform


*Virtual Talk

  • Examining how over the past decade it has become apparent that the immune system determines, at large, the rate of aging
  • Discussing how using multi-omic approaches, AI/ML, and systems biology methods in large cohorts, it is now possible to derive biomarkers and mechanisms of immune-mediated aging rates
  • Integrative analysis of these multiple layers of biological information can yield efficacious and safe longevity interventions

9:30 am A Broad Overview of the Aging/Longevity Investment & Startup Landscape


  • Analyzing breakdowns of the startups in the field
  • Considering overall trends in the space as a whole
  • What’s missing when viewing the whole field as a pipeline?

10:00 am Longevity-Derived Financial Instruments as Practical Implementation of Longevity Biomarkers

  • Kate Batz Managing Partner, Deep Knowledge Group


  • Explaining that biomarkers of human longevity possess valuable and precise information about the life expectancy of a given person or cohort. This implies that biomarkers-based methods have a significant impact on longevity risks mitigation
  • Discussing the variety of financial instruments that are highly exposed to longevity risks:

– Equity reverse mortgage, allowing enhanced longevity risks optimization for both the customer and the provider

– Loan management for retirees

– In longevity annuity contracts-providing feasible means for risk hedging

– Longevity-tied derivatives can benefit from the implementation of the biomarkers-based longevity indices

10:30 am Focusing on Investments in AI/Deep Tech & Biotech/Longevity


Navigating the investment landscape in longevity with respect to artifical intelligence, deep tech and machine learning

11:00 am Panel Discussion: Investing in Longevity


Join leaders from venture capital, large pharmaceuticals and innovative biotechs as they discuss how to navigate investments and funding in this lucrative field

  • Outlining the current longevity/aging investment and startup landscape
  • Discussing the investment potentialin this lucrative field
  • Analyzing areas that could be improved upon in this field

11:30 am
Morning Networking Break

Evaluating the Progress in Longevity Therapeutics Targeting Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Metabolic Diseases

12:00 pm Get Your Signals Straight: Extending Healthspan with NaNots Against Pathogenic Signals & Inhibitors


  • The Signalome & role in disease & aging
  • What are NaNots?
  • Targeting soluble immune inhibitors as senolytics (FDA disease is cancer – targets are the same)
  • Targeting inflammatory cytokines to treat “Inflamm-aging” (FDA disease is sepsis – targets are the same)
  • Ultimate vision of NaNots as “signal tweakers” for maintaining health

12:30 pm Discussing Mitophagy Activation Via the Natural Postbiotic Urolithin A to Boost Mitochondrial Health During Aging


*Virtual Speaker

  • Outling mitophagy activation as a key anti-aging strategy to boost mitochondrial health
  • Exploring the discovery of the gut microbiome postbiotic Urolithin A to activate mitophagy
  • Analyzing clinical evidence from different RCTs showing the potential of Urolithin A to improve mitochondrial health during aging

1:00 pm Exploring the Heavy Handling of Age-Related Diseases Using Lipid Peroxidation


  • Examining evidence that suggests that lipid peroxidation is an overlooked common denominator of various age-related pathologies
  • Analyzing the reasons why antioxidants are inefficient
  • Understanding the isotope reinforcement of changes essential lipids chemically, without changing them chemically

1:30 pm
Lunch Break


Take this opportunity to meet our expert speakers, connect with your peers and explore solutions and products in our exhibition booths

2:15 pm Highlighting the Mitochondrial Micro-Proteome as a Platform for Healthspan-Related Drug Discovery

  • Pinchas Cohen Dean. Co-founder, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. CohBar


  • Discussing how the mtDNA contains hundreds of previously unrecognized small open-reading frames that encode a novel class of mitochondrial-derived peptides (MDPs)
  • Exploring several new and innovative bioinformatic approaches that allow the discovery of disease relevant MDPs that can serve as targets for diseases of aging
  • Evaluating specific MDPs that are mutated in conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease represent novel precision-aging treatment strategies

Implementing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Longevity Therapeutics

2:45 pm Discussing the Use of Sarconeos (BIO101) for the Treatment of an Emerging Age-Related Disease, Covid-19


  • Outlining Covid-19 as an age-related disease
  • SARS-Cov-2, the Renin Angiotensin System and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
  • Sarconeos (BIO101), a MAS activator for the treatment of Covid-19 in elderlies

3:15 pm Treating Alzheimer’s Disease by Draining Detritus from the Brain

  • Doug Ethell Chief Executive Officer, Leucadia Therapeutics


  • Using artificial intelligence to show that aging reduces the brain’s clearance of metabolites
  • Explaining the effects of an implantable device which restores the clearance mechanism
  • Reviewing preparation for clinical trials of the Arethusta device which begins in 2023

3:45 pm
Afternoon Coffee Break

4:15 pm Using Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery & Development for Diseases of Aging: Opportunities & Considerations

  • Joe Rodgers Director of Biology, Co-Founder, Fountain Therapeutics


  • Building classification models for diseases of aging
  • Evaluating the use of AI for unbiased drug screening
  • Discussing the potential of AI in drug development for aging diseases beyond discovery

Progressing Towards the Clinic

4:45 pm Reversing Cell Aging in Human Trials: The CNS, Cardiovascular System, & Other Tissues


  • Aging: What it is and what are we missing?
  • Exploring cell aging in molecular detail and its clinical implications
  • Discussing the optimal point of intervention clinically and financially

5:15 pm Discussing the Emerging Field of Using an RNA Therapeutic for Age- Related Disorders

  • John Cooke Chief Technology Officer, Houston Methodist Academic Institute


  • Highlighting the rapidly emerging field of mRNA therapeutics and exploring why it will have a transformative effect on clinical care, including age-related diseases
  • Analyzing why vascular aging is the underlying cause of most morbidity and mortality, including heart attack and stroke, as well as dementia and other agerelated disease
  • Examining proof-of-concept studies in iPSC-derived vascular cells and murine models of aging, using a novel mRNA therapeutic

5:45 pm
Chair’s Closing Remarks

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