9:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Hanadie Yousef Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Juvena Therapeutics

Highlighting the Opportunities for the Development of Novel Clinically Effective Biomarkers that Align with the Heterogenous Nature of Age-Related Disease

9:30 am Coming of Age: Data to Drugs, Diagnostics, Disease Detection & Delaying Death


  • Leveraging molecular networks and intermediate phenotypes to combat aging
  • Translating spatial and longitudinal multiomics, anchored in genomics, into a pre-clinical and clinical pipeline
  • Applying highly integrated multiomic biological big data in individuals, providing a roadmap for a longer, healthier life

10:00 am The Hunt for Senescence Cells in vivo


  • Advancing knowledge about the nature of cells with senescent biomarkers in vivo (revisiting the main postulates of the senescence cell hypothesis)
  • Is extrinsic genotoxic stress translated into accelerated aging?
  • Does SASP depend on DNA damage?

10:30 am Panel Discussion: What Do We Follow as a Biomarker to Ensure Clinical Trial Success?


  • Does positive biomarker engagement also suggest patient benefit?
  • Unlocking the potential of predictive biomarkers for disease and indications of aging process
  • Using less invasive methods for seeing inside the body

11:00 am Morning Break & Networking

Reimagining Age-Related Disease Therapeutics by Unravelling the Most Cutting-Edge Advancements Towards Clinical Success

11:30 am A Stem Cell-Derived Secretome Targeting Age-Acquired Immune Decline


  • Discussing the association of aging and a decline in secretory factors that benefit immune system development, modulation and health
  • Describing the novel method of growing human stem cells for clinical use and directing them to produce a secretome (STEM)
  • Revealing an FDA-approved Phase 1/2a human clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of STEM in elderly patients with muscle atrophy related to knee osteoarthritis

12:00 pm Mapping Secreted Proteins to Unmet Medical Needs by Mining the Regenerative Secretomes of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

  • Hanadie Yousef Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Juvena Therapeutics


  • Secreted proteins are an underleveraged class of biologics with proven therapeutic potential
  • Exhibiting the discovery that human pluripotent stem cell secretomes are enriched with secreted proteins containing regenerative potency
  • The creation of a map of regenerative protein biology with a compounding database of protein ligand-receptor interactions and disease-modifying phenotypes induced in various aged and diseased tissue types
  • This JuvNET knowledge base is enabling a computationally driven platform for systematic biologics drug discovery and development

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking

1:30 pm Detailing Novel Strategies in Leveraging Space Studies & Human Organoids to Accelerate Aging & Run More Efficient Trials

  • David Furman Director & Professor, Buck Institute for Research on Aging


  • Strategically leveraging astronaut data to effectively study the acceleration of age-related diseases
  • Moving towards an ultimate model of aging for age related diseases from cardiovascular aging to neurocognitive impairment
  • All in human research scheme to ensure high translational ability and high efficacy in clinical trials

Shifting the Paradigm: Extending Lifespan vs Improving Health Span

2:00 pm Panel Discussion: Strengthening the Synergy Between Pharma & Biotech

  • Shamina Rangwala Executive Director, Emerging Science, Innovation & Global Internal Medicine Lead, Pfizer
  • Alexander Pickett Managing Director, Juvenescence
  • Peng Leong Chief Business Officer & Head of Brain Aging, BioAge Labs


  • What are the diseases to focus on for healthy aging?
  • How could pharma and biotech work together more effectively within this space?

2:30 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

3:00 pm Redefining the Space: Diving Deeper into the Potential & Perceived Added Therapeutic & Market Value for Personalized Medicine that Promote Healthy Aging


  • Identifying the recent advances and challenges of personalised medicine to treat age-related disease
  • How can we unlock the potential of personalized medicine to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs?

Summarising the Evidence Suggesting Social Challenges Exacerbate Age-Related Disease

3:30 pm Uncovering the Connection Between Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease & Exploring the Genetic Variants Involved


  • What is the molecular connection between brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease
  • What is the role of diet and carbohydrate metabolism in influencing Alzheimer’s disease
  • How can we leverage model organism research to determine conserved mechanisms that influence neurodegeneration and identify therapeutics for treating dementia

4:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks