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Learn More About The 5th Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit

With 3 days of abundant insights into the latest breakthroughs and research and 20 world class speakers pioneering the next wave of novel and efficacious therapeutics, the 5th Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit was biopharma’s unmissable meeting for the expedition of treatment that targeted primarily targets aging.

This inaugural summit delved deep into the understanding of biological mechanisms of aging, discovery of novel senescent biomarkers, utilisation of 3D-tissue models from aged humans, overcoming regulatory hurdles, navigating investments and funding, and the latest therapeutic modalities to treat, reverse and prevent age-related disease.

60+ of your peers including Deciduous Therapeutics, Nanotics, Juvena Therapeutics, Leucadia Therapeutics, Telocyte, and many more joined us to unite and empower each other with the knowledge and insights you needed to commercialize your age-related disease therapeutics.

Our Sessions to Addressed:

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Understood how to model complex mechanisms of aging with SMSBiotech by reviewing the pros and cons of using in vitro reductionist models

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Identified the right disease indications to target with Immunis Inc to treat aging with viable endpoints

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Unraveled new data from non-human primate models with Life Biosciences to unlock the potential for partial epigenetic reprogramming

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Tapped into an unleveraged class of biologics with Juvena Therapeutics to optimise their regenerative potency

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Successfully studied the acceleration of age-related diseases with Buck Institute for Research on Aging by leveraging and reviewing astronaut data

"Energizing, educational, and fun event "
Takeda Pharmaceutical 

"Very helpful information for those working to develop therapeutics that target the aging process "

"Great event with top-notch presenters and solid logistics "