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6th Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit – What’s it about?

Across 3 days of extensive content, delve into the latest technology and research from 20+ expert speakers exploring novel strategies to target the hallmarks of aging and defining quantitative endpoints to enhance translatability and drive clinical success. The 6th Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit is biopharma’s unmissable meeting for the advancement of treatments for diseases caused by the pathways underpinning aging.

This meeting will dive into the advancements in senescence targeted therapies, defining quantifiable biomarkers of aging, effectively translating programs into the clinic, harnessing bioinformatics for drug development and navigating 2024’s volatile investment and partnership market.

Join 60+ attendees including Takeda, Eli Lilly & Co., NeuroAge Therapeutics, Turn Bio and many more to join forces and capacitate with the knowledge and insights essential for commercialising your pipeline and bringing age-related disease therapeutics to the clinic.

Tackle the challenges surrounding clinical trial design for age-related indications to increase the momentum therapeutics through translation and into the clinic and make approved drugs targeting aging a reality.

Gain a deeper understanding on how to position yourself best for partnership and investment opportunities with Eli Lilly, BioAge and Aging Biotech to grow your company whilst ensuring commercial and therapeutic success.

Delve into the current biomarkers of aging landscape with Takeda, Turn Bio and NeuroAge to understand the novel technologies being used in biomarker discovery to enable precision approaches to aging-related interventions.

Dive into the latest updates in targeting cellular senescence and telomere targeted therapies with Rubedo Life Sciences, Dorian Therapeutics and Rejuvenation Biotech to stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates in aging research and innovation and advance your therapy through translation and into the clinic.

Explore current approaches in selecting an appropriate surrogate endpoint for aging to streamline clinical trials and ensure reliable and valid clinical data to set up the potential for therapies being used off-label in the future with Fountain Therapeutics.