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Why Partner?

The aging and longevity field is growing fast and according to the Economistslowing human aging is now the subject of serious research.’

With huge names such as the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub harnessing immune cell engineering to combat age-related diseases, 2024 is destined to see an increase in investment into the aging-related disease therapeutics space with biotechs gearing up to translate their ideas into robust clinical programs.

This provides a unique opportunity for companies providing cutting-edge diagnostic and biomarker technologies, AI and machine learning providers, clinical research services and the latest epigenetic software to establish themselves as leading commercial partners for companies that are driving the advancement of the age-related therapeutics field.

Partner with 6th Age-Related Disease Therapeutics Summit to influence the rapidly growing landscape, increase brand awareness, demonstrate expertise, and solidify yourself as a key expert in the space in front of the aging and longevity community.

Past Partners Have Included...

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Experts Need Your Help With:

Reliable diagnostic testing to drive early intervention and improve outcomes

Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

Developing and validating reliable biomarkers of aging

Novel AI and Bioinformatic technology for genomic sequencing and target identification

Clinical Research Organisations to accelerate development form the lab to the patient to support longitudinal studies for degenerative indications

Preclinical model providers to accelerate translational development in the aging space

Why Partner?

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Boost your brand awareness with a unique and unmissable opportunity to unite with investors and experts in biotech in the aging field to foster meaningful relationships and future partnerships

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Showcase your expertise in cutting-edge diagnostics, machine learning, clinical research, and epigenetic software by presenting on the program and be a driving force in accelerating the transition of regenerative medicine in the aging and longevity domain from the lab to the clinic

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Stay ahead of the curve by gaining insights into the latest advancements, breakthroughs and trends in this rapidly advancing landscape and leave with a better understanding of how you can best support your future clients

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