Marco Quarta

Marco Quarta

Company: Rubedo Life Sciences

Job title: Co-Founder & CEO Rubedo Life Sciences Inc.


Leveraging AI to Identify Cellular Senescence Heterogeneity Across AgeRelated Diseases for therapeutic Interventions 10:00 am

Senolytics are a powerful therapeutic opportunity to treat age-related chronic conditions An analogy with cancer cells: Cellular senescence is pleiotropic and characterised by a high degree of heterogeneity Not all states of cellular senescence are relevant therapeutic targets Introducing Alembic: AI computational single-cell multi-omics platform developed to elucidate the heterogeneity between cell types and cell…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Novel Technology for Identifying Biomarkers of Aging 9:30 am

Understanding how biomarkers can detect subtle changes as molecular and cellular levels before symptoms emerge Discussing the role of biomarkers in precision medicine that address the unique aging process of individuals Outlining the use of epigenetic clocks and advanced imaging techniques to discover novel biomarkersRead more

day: Conference Day One

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