Maddalena adorno

Maddalena adorno

Company: Dorian Therapeutics

Job title: CEO


Advancements in Senotherapeutics to Develop Novel Therapies 12:00 pm

Achieving precise targeting of senescent cells to de-risk therapies and prevent unwanted side effects Discussing strategies to overcome senescent cell heterogeneity to improve targeting of senescent cells Developing appropriate biomarkers for the type of senescent cells being targeted Beyond senolytics: other approaches to reduce cellular senescenceRead more

day: Conference Day One

Panel discussion: A Deep-Dive Into Biological Clocks for Therapeutics Breakthroughs 2:00 pm

Leveraging biological clocks in the development of age-related therapeutics Using tissue-specific biological clocks to develop interventions that target systemic aging Deciphering whether alterations in biological clocks directly contribute to agingRead more

day: Conference Day Two

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