Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Workshop A

Aging Isn’t a Disease: How Do We Overcome the Current Regulatory Landscape Hurdle?
8am - 11:00am I Wednesday 31, 2023

As we enter a ‘golden age’ following funding initiatives and increased research into age-related mechanisms, there’s much yet to explore in order to overcome the current clinical challenges. Attend this workshop to further deepen your knowledge of this field and understand where it’s headed and how to engage regulatory authorities in discussions.

Unmissable highlights:

  • As treating aging in clinical terms is not a viable endpoint, what are the
    disease indications to go after?
  • Discussing the policy changes required to make the development of drugs that target the aging processes more financially viable
  • 12 Hallmarks of Aging – Moving away from 9 hallmarks of Aging and
    unravelling the additional 3
  • Maintaining crucial drug discovery and preclinical development standards
    to translate the targeting of mechanisms underlying aging into drug targets
  • Developing drug candidates for specific diseases recognized by the FDA in today’s regulatory landscape

Workshop Leaders:


Hans Keirstead

Immunis Inc

Jerry McLaughlin

Jerry McLaughlin
Chief Executive Officer

Life Bioscience



Benedetta di Robilant
Chief Scientific Officer & CoFounder

Dorian Therapeutics

Workshop B

Defining the Route Towards Investments for Age-Related Disease Research & Development & Start-Up Landscape
11:30am - 2:30pm I Wednesday 31, 2023

Considering the surge of interest and investment in age-related disease drug development, an active discussion is essential to accelerate towards company growth and therapeutic success. Join this interactive deep dive into the science of a new company and best approaches on getting investors involved.

Unmissable highlights:

  • Deliberating the ways to navigate investments and funding in this
    remunerative field
  • Identifying the value of IPs and where investor’s priorities lie
  • What are the best practices to train people within the field?
  • Discussing the fine line between what is and isn’t confidential

Workshop Leaders:


Jyothi Devakumar (Moderator)
Director of Scientific Programs, Healthspan Action Coalition; Director of Operations, Center for Space Longevity
Healthspan Action Coalition


katie batz

Katie Batz
Managing Partner
Deep Knowledge Ventures 


Ronjon Nag
Founder & President
R42 Group

Workshop C

Exploring the Promise AI-Powered Drug Discovery Holds for the Progression of a Broad Pipeline of Age-Related Therapies
3:00pm - 6:00pm I Wednesday 31, 2023

Explore the myriad of applications for artificial intelligence to revolutionize
the age-related disease field and to streamline drug discovery efforts.

Unmissable highlights:

  • Highlighting the accelerated ability to discover and target new aging
  • Reviewing the ‘inflammatory clock of aging’ and its ability to predict age- related inflammatory disease

Workshop Leaders:

Szilard Voros

Szilard Voros
CEO/ Founder

G3 Therapeutics &

Eddie Moler

Eddie Moler
Vice President, Data Science
Juvena Therapeutics