Pre-Conference Workshop Day

**This event has run**
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 | 9AM - 4.45PM

Take a look at what topics and speakers were addressed on the pre-conference workshop day at the 4th Longevity Therapeutics Summit.

9AM Welcome Coffee & Registration

Workshop A

Addressing the Key Challenges in Progressing Towards the Clinic in Longevity Therapeutics                   



In this dynamic and fast-growing field, many successful preclinical trials are unable to make it to the clinic. This evidence-based workshop will explore the greatest challenges in progressing towards the clinic and explore different methods to overcome these challenges.

Another key challenge facing the longevity field sits with the FDA not recognizing aging as an indication. As such, this interactive workshop will provide a platform to discuss how to advance towards regulatory approval, recognize indications in agerelated diseases and develop drugs solely from a longevity perspective.

Join this workshop to be a part of the discussion between leading minds in the longevity field as they:

  • Outline the core challenges in moving towards the clinic
  • Examine the failures in early-stage trials that are preventing progression towards the clinic
  • Work alongside the FDA and large pharma to develop longevity-specific drugs
  • Discuss how to select indications specific to aging while also obtaining regulatory approval

Workshop A Leaders: 

Michael Fossel - Telocyte

Michael Fossel

John Cooke - Houston Methodist

John Cooke
Chief Translational Sciences Officer
Houston Methodist Academic Institute

12.15PM Networking Refreshment Break

Workshop B

Challenging the Traditional Model for the Hallmarks of Aging



The hallmarks of aging have provided a useful model for aging in the longevity field and have been the inspiration behind many drug development pipelines for agerelated diseases. However, as the longevity field progresses, it is crucial to discuss whether the hallmarks of aging are becoming too restrictive and if recent industry developments have allowed us to move past this highly simplified model of aging.

Join this deep-dive workshop to:

  • Discuss which hallmarks of aging are the most popular targets for drug development and why
  • Evaluate whether targeting individual hallmarks or a cocktail of hallmarks is most effective in longevity therapeutics
  • Recognize that the hallmarks of aging were modelled from oncology and discuss the limitations of this
  • Assess whether such a simplified model of aging is helpful or harmful in longevity drug development

Workshop B Leader:

Marco Quarta - Rubedo Life Sciences

Marco Quarta
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Rubedo Life Sciences


Ofir Moreno
SVP of Drug Discovery
Rubedo Life Sciences

3.45PM Workshop Leaders’ Closing Remarks & End of Pre-Conference Workshop Day